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About Me

I'm a Southern California native, having grown up and completed my schooling in the South Bay.

After marrying and prior to having my own children (I was blessed with a part time, 2 year old step-daughter when I married), I ran a successful, licensed home daycare for infants. I enjoyed partnering with the parents in caring for their new babies, helping them when they needed to learn about basic baby care and supporting them in what they were doing in raising their sons & daughters. One of the comments I use to hear from them was that I should teach a parenting class. That always made me laugh, because who would attend a class like that taught by someone without children of her own?

But the laugh was on me, because after closing down the daycare following the arrival of my adopted daughter at 13 days old, my husband and I were again approached about teaching parenting classes through our church. The classes were taught once a week for 20 weeks, with homework, discussion and application times included. Our first class was made up of 8 couples, including ourselves. We thought it would be difficult to get parents to commit to such a long class, but instead, we found that couples were more than willing to commit because they were so hungry for the information they learned in the class. Soon, we were teaching to 50 couples per class, with more on the waiting list for the next time it was offered!

During the years we taught the class, I finally became pregnant with my first-born, my third daughter. A year after she was born, my husband was diagnosed with cancer and soon passed away. This left me to raise my children by myself. Today, my step-daughter is a married woman, my adopted daughter is attending El Camino and my youngest is in the 8th grade.

As you can see, my personal parenting experiences have given me a unique understanding of the different challenges of being married, a single-, a step-, an adoptive, and a birth parent. In addition to the above mentioned experiences, I am a member of DONA (Doulas of North America), DASC (Doulas Association of Southern California) and Doulas of the South Bay. I am currently in the process of getting further training and my doula certification through DONA.

My desire is to come along side you, to give you the physical, emotional and informational support you need as you recover from delivering your new baby. Your need to rest will be of the utmost importance. I would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the service you deserve.

Tracy Schauwecker

Postpartum Doula